Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have to say that I am a little disappointed that folks haven't migrated to Lynn's site (although I'm sure folks are worried about getting outed).

There's lots to see and do, and I'm sorry Lynn has to post so much to get things rolling.

I was hoping to see more on KGW's goose-fest with the O, KPTV's obvious nod to its sales department (come on, what's up Andy doing the am news at Les Schwab? They're great when the weather cools down, but your pimp job is toooooo obvious). I want more on Eric Mason (and I'm very thrilled and surprised PACarlin has lead the reporting) and I am curious on lots of subjects.

***Please add your two cents to Oregon Media Insiders. It's the best opportunity to keep feeding our need for discussion, check in on rumours and updates, and to put pressure on our supervisors to make the product even better. I will start posting there from time to time***