Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This being the holiday season at Christmastime and all, I wanted to shout out some wishes to the folks that made blogging fun for me, and my hopes for them for the New Year. I enjoyed starting this conversation in May, and laughed at the parlor game from those wanting to know my identity. I am happy that I got some folks talking.

For TV news people in general, I hope that the downturn and new competition for KPTV's crimefest shows that viewers DO want to know what's going on around them, not just the things that go bump in the night. I hope you can find time to cover the Governor's race and Portland's 2 city council races which should be very interesting, especially Erik Sten's race, as he tries to explain how he voted to give himself public funds for re-election.

For our friends in newspapers. I wish you a prosperous New Year where you learn how to merge what you do with the internet. With that, you may find new life and revenue enough to keep your bosses from offering early retirement, or, at best, to keep from shutting you down.

To the folks reporting on the street in radio, I wish you a good night's sleep. You are the hardest working people in local journalism. I just wish some of your stations would recognize that.

KATU - Here's to your new boss making big changes so you can finally get out of the 2nd place/3rd place rut you've been in since the 90's. Hope you like your new News Director.

KGW - You seem to have lost some of your confidence in your format and your mission. Set an example for the other stations and the competition will be great for the audience, and also with you.

KOIN - Good luck. The future looks better than the recent past... but with rumors that your new bosses may shut down the news department, let's hope they see the folly in that.

KPTV - You've done so well getting viewers with your promotion and your format and an excellent morning program. Bring that thinking to 10pm and you may get your dominance back. Not everyone thinks the metro area is as crime-ridden as you make it out to be. Watch out for the backlash.

For John Erickson - enjoy your new deal. You are one of the classiest people in the biz, and you deserve every megabuck.

For Pete Schulberg - I know you wanted to punch me out. You were a great reporter on TV, a promising columnist, and I am happy you have a new gig for your family. I'm sorry, but I was only trying to prompt you and Peter Carlin to dig a little deeper.

For the Trib folks - I have my doubts we'll see you this time next year, but I'm hopeful. Too many obstacles and I'm guessing one day Pamplin's accountant will say no more.

To the O - the one size fits all needs tweaking. Redo Metro and I'm a happy person.

To Paul Allen - KXL and the Blazers. Need I say more. Change 'em.

To everyone else: As we saw during the storm coverage, everyone works very hard, no matter how many smart and dumb decisions are made. Take time the next week, and throughout the season to value your co-workers, enjoy your family and friends, and keep talking.